When you link a new document, link the document you just uploaded

It'd be nice if you could change a link to a new document in an email blast and have it default to the new document you just uploaded instead of going back to the old document. i.e. Click on a link, click on edit, upload new document, upload it, and then have that document you uploaded be the new link instead of having to scroll through and find the one you just uploaded.

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Status changed to: Clarifying

Hello @KristaW195 ,


Just to clarify, you'd like the default functionality of the library when it comes to uploading documents to always be to replace a previously uploaded document - rather than have it be a functionality that needs to be deliberately specified?


Or is it that you want the default functionality to be that an email with a document link automatically forces the link(s) to previous documents to go to the new document, rather than as a specified selection for a specific button, text, or image link?


As it stands right now, you can upload new documents during the document selection process for an email's link(s), and can sort by date uploaded. Is there a part of this existing process you feel needs more streamlining?

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