Where are the Thumbnail Previews on the Email Page?

New look doesn't seem to show the campaign thumbnails on the list of campaigns. Big negative!

Hi, We have been using CC for over many years and since hte last update it has been really difficult to work on it. We can't find old campaigns which before were difficult to find now is almost impossible. Also, the scheduling part makes it very confusing to oversee which campaign is actually programed. Is CC doing something to make the site more user friendly as it used to be? Thanks Alberto Bassal weichert, Realtors
new interface does not provide visual reference with thumbnails. These were very useful for quick comparison of similar campaign layouts. New interface causes more clicks to get preview and cannot compare previews. Very tedious and not useful.
Carol FishmanC424607707
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Couldn't agree more!! Everyone on our team is freaked out by this. Can't believe these changes were made. Hope CC will listen to this feedback and not just assume that the customer will be just fine with changes we never asked for!

is there any way to sort may campaigns (sent and scheduled campaigns) chronologically? Even when sorted "New- Old", the list shows campaigns sent on July 6th, June 21, then June 30... etc Its is very difficult to trek history of the messages the way I could view my campaigns BEFORE you came up with the "new look" was much more logical and user friendly. what was the purpose of this "update"?
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Totally agree! I don't like the new look very much! I like being able to see all of my campaigns to the side.

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You show a list with name & Date...but no thumbnails for us to see at a glance. We really miss that!
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LOVE the new interface with ONE exception: You took away the thumbnails for the emails/campaigns. I could visually find a particular email a lot faster using the thumbnail instead of scanning the text. Thanks! Buddy
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I'm really frustrated that I can no longer see the previous campaign thumbnails.

Totally agree!!!

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Please bring back the thumbnails of the previews of each campaign! I just spent half an hour looking for one campaign in particular which would have taken 5 mins with the thumbnails. It's a really small but super useful thing. Please please please bring them back asap!
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