Where are the Thumbnail Previews on the Email Page?

New look doesn't seem to show the campaign thumbnails on the list of campaigns. Big negative!

Occasional Participant
Please bring back the eblast thumbnails -- this is a visual medium and the best way to flip through old blasts is visually. Often, to save time, I use these thumbnails to find an old design that closely matches the colour scheme I want to use, and then copy/update the email. Now I would have to open and close eblasts one-by-one. Not a time-saver at all!
Don't like the fact I can't readily see previews of my previous campaigns as I usually browse through them so I can decide which to copy. The new format means I need to take extra steps to do that which wastes time.
Regular Participant
Thumbnails made quick-finding alot easier, it would be nice to have them back.
Occasional Participant
This new lay out is terrible!!! There are no thumbnails of my campaigns anymore and its unbelievably hard to navigate. Also, why is it when i am creating a campaign that the draft does not utilize the entire web page width??
Frequent Participant
I consider it a MUST HAVE to have the thumbnail image for all email templates created no matter if they are sent or drafts. I cannot locate what I need easily and it is so cumbersome to click on each to view... also there is no sorting capability. I cannot remember what name each email was under and duplicate templates on a regular basis because I have the designs set up for what I need. BRING BACK THE THUMBNAILS!!!!!!
Regular Participant
Thank you for bringing back the "Unfiled" campaign folder. It was sorely missed.
this is extremely difficult to compare emails. I've been looking for nearly 30 minutes. I really miss the easy access to thumbnail pictures. I don't like this at all.
Frequent Participant
I've got three or four base templates that I use for the bulk of our emails. It's nice to scroll through the previews from past emails to pick the one I want to use when sending out a new email.
Frequent Participant

If Constant Contact isn't going to make the changes necessary to bring back the thumbnails to make it easier to find our previous campaigns, then I personally am going to look at Mail Chimp or an alternative. This is a horrible update, and their tech people should put it back to the way it was regarding viewing. So many complaints, and I'm one of them. 

Do not like it. I want o see thumbnails. Do not like to see both mixed unread/read. Give me an option view for me to select. Not friendly.
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