Where did the support number go ?

Please put the support number back up at the top of the page! It was so handy having it there front and centre!

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Thanks for posting this feedback!

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You've moved your phone number off many/most pages. Not good. Part of your brand is accessibility, and I shouldn't have to hunt for your phone number.
your website makes it very difficult to locate your phone number and home page.It may be easy and obvious,but not for me. thanks steve.
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I agree with all the others who have posted about this. when you do call, the Rep just tries to get you to take a downgraded plan. It is a sales ploy. Canceling should NOT be this hard. I am filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I would be less upset if you at LEAST published "how to cancel" instructions AND the Constant Contact phone number. Who has time to spend an hour scouring the website just for your phone number, For these reasons I will not be resubscribing during my selling season as I had planned to do!
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With the new look to the site, you are excluding the phone number from the page. I had to log out to get to your phone number and then log back in.
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This is a money-saving move on their part. It takes more time to read and respond to emails then for them to put the ball in your court by only giving you the option to call. 


I am the campaign creator, not the owner of the account. I am the person who has to deal with the lack of customer service when it comes to 2nd tier responsibility.  

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We heard your feedback, and have implemented some changes to the top navigation bar within accounts. There is now a "Contact Us" option that prominently features the support phone number (and other support options) in a panel on the screen without needing to navigate away to a separate page. A "Help" panel was also implemented to allow you to search for Knowledge Base articles while working within the account.

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