Why did you fix something that was not broken?

The new update is horrible.  In fact, I'm so enraged with it (i.e. cannot put out my newsletter as copy and paste functions no longer work - and solutions provided by support team don't work either) that I will be petitioning my boss to move to .  Shame on you.  


Hi @WillD403


You mention the copy and past function is no longer working. Is the editor being unresponsive for you? Is your text not pasting or are you seeing anything happen after the text is pasted?

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I agree

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Not much work-related brings me to tears these days, but Constant Contacts new editor has managed to do it. You would think that with all the feedback they've received they would just figure a way to take everything back to what it was before the recent "update", but instead they just continue to respond with infuriating questions to one-off issues, asking us to waste more time explaining these in detail when surely they must have a clear picture by now of how buggy everything is. I, too, think I am going to ask my client if he will be willing to spend the time and money to find a new newsletter platform. If they haven't fixed it by now, I can't imagine they're going to.


Hi @JayY04 


I'm sorry for how the questions were perceived. I can assure you we've heard feedback, and already implemented fixes/changes based on that. We do ask questions in this thread, but I assure you aren't trying to waste anyone's time. We may ask questions in order to clarify an issue so that we can organize posts into specifics topics as a way of tracking feedback, or we may ask because the feedback isn't clear and we need to know what's being requested before we can fix it. In this case, the original poster mentioned copy and paste "no longer works". Our email editor still allows for text to be pasted in, and I'm able to paste in text on my end. So in this case we need more information on what "no longer works" means before we can fix anything and that may involve some additional troubleshooting.


agree wholeheartedly with OP--took me 4 hours to compose an email that should have taken 20 minutes. I will also be moving to another provider.


also agree with Jay04, should be an option to use the previous editor.


Hi @PattyB18


We apologize for the experience you had with creating emails in your account, We can however see you also shared your feedback on our editor in a thread of its own. We will continue to assist through there directly.

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