Would like Birthday emails

Can you please add a way where we can enter contacts' birthdays and have a birthday email automatically go out to them on their birthdays? Or at least create a way where we can send out birthday messages simply without having to create a custom list for each day?

Hi Svea,


We don't have a feature that would enable you to send out to Birthdays/Anniversaries.  However, what I do offer as a workaround is the following:


Create a list for each month

Put appropriate contacts in according to their birthday/anniversary

Create a standard birthday/anniversary email that could possibly include a custom field that is for the birthday/anniversary date

Then make 11 copies of that email

Then you can take each email, attach the appropriate month list, and schedule them to go out on whatever date you want for the month


This way, you can send out one mailing a month, that would possibly look like this:


Dear Contact First Name,


A little message to celebrate your birthday/anniversary on "insert date here".


Then whatever else you want it to say.


I hope that makes sense!


Thanks for participating in the Community!
Marissa W.

Occasional Participant

I must admit,  your "work around" is so poor it is almost laughable.  Cannot believe something as simple as getting a date of a user ans sending them an email to correspond with it is so far distant for you guys to sort out. 


Hi Jamie,


Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience. I'm going to pass on your suggestions to our product development team to see if we could add this as a new feature.


I did find a helpful FAQ which will show you how to segment your lists based on the data you have for them,. The FAQ uses US States as its criteria, but you could substitute to this for a custom field that lists Birthdays. You can find the FAQ here




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I'm a new CC solutions provider and I can tell you that this is one feature that many many businesses and non profits could make great use of. 

Think about a restaurant, for example, that might want to send out an email to all of its contacts who have an anniversary or birthday in a particular month.

Or a non profit that wants to encourage its contacts to create a birthday wish using Facebook Causes a few days before their birthday or anniversary?

The potential use cases are many.

I'm glad to hear CC is taking a serious look at this suggestion.


Hugh Macken


VMR Communications, LLC

Regular Participant

I appreciate CC's willingness to address this but I definitely agree with Jamiec6 that the workaround is unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming.


Hi Hugh,


Congratulations on becoming a Solution Provider. I wanted to let you know that I have added your feedback to the original request. I don't have any new information on this other than that it is under review.




i have a customer who wants to send out an email to each of his subscribers on the subscriber's birthday.


His list is about 1500 subscribers.


How can i do this for him?





Currently we do not have a way in our system to automatically send an email out based on a birthday.  You could probably create something on your end where it automatically puts a contact in a "birthday" list, on their birthday, and then schedule an email to go out.  Then once the email is sent, remove them from the list.  However, this is definitely a complex work around.


I can say that our engineers are aware that many customers want this feature, and it is something that they are looking into very seriously.  I am going to add your name to the list of customers who have requested this, so that our engineers see that more and more people are interested in it.


If you have any questions please let me know.


I did T2 support for CTCT for 6 years.  IN the first couple years there  was a function called Birthday Reminder which did exactly what I want.  They eliminated that function  and I now wish they didn't.






While we do not currently have this implemented, I can definitely send a message to our engineers that this is something that would be helpful to our customers.


If you have any questions let me know.

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