Would like Birthday emails

Can you please add a way where we can enter contacts' birthdays and have a birthday email automatically go out to them on their birthdays? Or at least create a way where we can send out birthday messages simply without having to create a custom list for each day?
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I kind of understand your dilema, but think of it another way - your business is 'top of mind' to them. They have taken the time to print your coupon, albeit maybe again, but they are doing it deliberately to do business with you. Unless your coupon offer is obscene, don't sweat it, take the business and enjoy it. Nothing worse than upsetting a customer because you won't take a coupon - trust me - I will never shop at Ulta ever again.


All, I was just told by Customer Support phone help that this is not possible. BUT I'm sure there is a creative way to do it.

We are collecting birthdate as a field from the user. We'd like to create an email that goes out 30 days and 14 days before a contact's birthday. The autoresponder will only work from date joined in the group. So, any suggestions how to code a birthday reminder service? 

If this has already been posted, I apologize for not finding it. Thank you in advance for your help.




What you are looking to do is not possible at this time because it is dependent on functionality that is not currently in our API. Our REST API currently supports the creation/modification/deletion of contacts and lists, as well as the ability to access reporting data from email campaigns. While you can use our API to locate the contacts with upcoming birthdays you would not be able to create an email dynamically using the API.


The functionality that you require is something that people have requested and may be implemented in a future update to our API.

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When do you think you will add this feature?
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It would be an outstanding add !!!!

Is it possible to create an email, select a list, then have the email sent out individually to list members on seperate, specific dates, such as an anniversary or birthday?

I would love to see this too!
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Agree! Please advise!
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I am looking to use the autoresponders where I can have people sign up for weekly tips and / or e-courses. 
It is really important for my list to be able to choose which ones they would like to receive and to be able receive them.
Also, I do not want to be removing or deleting previous autoresponders in order to make room for new ones.
Will you be upgrading the capabilites of the autoresponders anytime soon (similar to aweber or icontact)?  This is really important for my business is at this moment the only thing that I feel I am missing.

Looking forward to a quick response.

Hi Claudette, Thanks for the feedback. I looked into this and this feature is currently under review. I have passed on your request to engineering. Thanks, Jarrad

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