you killed my new store launch

I set up constant contact to manage my emails for each of the countries that I am going to open new stores for my battery products.   I paid a consultant (constant contact specialist) to set up everything right, and took the greatest care to comply with all of your rules.


Then I flew to the Philippines and sent out my first email to all the clients who wanted to come to my store opening.   I have employees waiting to serve them here.   No customers.   WHY?  Because you locked my account.


I didn't know that constant contact was a bigoted company against foreign countries.  I didn't know you were an "american only" email company.   I didn't know your customer service has a 24 hour response rate.


You really hurt my company today with your antiquated policies.   Going with  now for professional service.   GOODBYE!

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Want to know the best feature about Constant Contact? NOTHING This has been the biggest waste of time in marketing since we opened our company. No customer support (24 hour response time) Customer chat support (completely useless) International customers are red flags for Constant Contact. If you are an international company their "automation" will block your account without any warning. Solution: SWITCH . Go with a professional company like with a future and dump Constant Contact.....they are headed for bankruptcy since they act like a 19th century company with bigotry towards foreigners.

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Hi @RobertF263. I'm sorry that this happened. While we cannot discuss your account specifics publicly, we thank you for your feedback and wish you the best in your email marketing endeavors.  

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Caitlin how about you address all the problems with your company that this user brought forward? There is no need to discuss specifics.

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Nice responses you guys have for customers. I realize these are older posts for for a company as big as you are I cannot understand why you don't have a better support system, at the very least 24 hour chat support.

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