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Please come up with a way for test emails to go through to account creating the emails.  Just because our address is "rolling" type  (admin@ or newsletter@) doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to proof/review our emails before sending out.  We would prefer not to have to create a special email address just to do this.  We aren't spamming ourselves:)



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Just wanted to add that amazingly enough all other emails from Constant Contact come through to us  - ie: confirmation of campaigns, surveys, notifications. 


Hey @CynthiaE4, thanks for your feedback! If I'm understanding it correctly, you're wanting the ability to send previews and campaigns to an address such as Due to the nature of these types of addresses, we are unable to send campaign previews or live campaigns to these types of addresses. We've created this knowledgebase article to list all email types that we cannot deliver to:

Instead of sending to these types of addresses, we suggest sending the test to each individual recipient as this will provide you with accurate reporting as well as allow your subscribers to unsubscribe if they feel the need to do so. For example, If you send an email to and one of the recipients unsubscribes, it will unsubscribe and the other recipients will no longer receive your campaign. 

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