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I registered yesterday with Constant Contact and today my account is inactive.  I was told to contact Customer Support but this seems impossible without logging in.  I tried to login with my Paypal account but still, it did not work.  I thought this would be much of a guarantee!!

I am Italian, live in Austria, travel for work, currently in China where I simply cannot work if I do not use a VPN.  I guess that's why I was thrown off the system.

If at least you had a possibility of chat or email without logging in, I could explain!

I understand safety and security but there must be a way through for honest people who are already bothered by having to use VPNs in their most simple work :frown:

I am not expecting an answer, just hope this is useful to you.

As for myself, I am going to register to Mail Chimp or anything else similar that does not throw me off that easy.

Thank you...


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Sorry for the misunderstanding @SatSarbatK,


You're right-- it looks like one of our security measures had a false positive on your account.


We'd love to chat with you and get you set up with a new account so you can begin mailing with us.  If you would like to call our Account Review team to discuss you can see their hours and phone numbers here:


Or if you would like to have us reach out to you, let me know and I can help schedule an outbound phone call.


Unfortunately that department does not have a chat option, so a phone call would be required.


Let me know, and I hope this helps!

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