Adding the ability to Cc (carbon copy) an email

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First, it is so frustrating to research whether Constant Contact has a Cc capability since every search assumes Cc is for Constant Contact so maybe this is already resolved.

Others have also expressed the industrial requirement to add Bcc capabilities. Is this issue being worked on yet?

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Hi @BryanR929. By design, every single contact in a contact list is technically BCC'd, as email recipients are not able to see who else the email was sent to. Is there another reason why you would need this ability? If so, could you explain how it would be used?


For my organization, all pastors within our boundaries are included in our main email list, and we have had a number of times over the last 3 or 4 years where a pastor has forward (through their own email provider) certain emails on to other members of their staff/congregation as particular info within particular emails is helpful to that person, but then if that person tries to unsubscribe, what they do is unsubscribe the pastor from our Constant Contact list, not unsubscribe themselves from the pastor's emails. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes until we've sent out an urgent announcement that people discover they have been unsubscribed/are not receiving our emails. It would be helpful if there were a CC function here that the CC would come from CC (you guys) and then the person who got it forwarded would know where it came from, so they can then delete, spam, or unsubscribe just themselves, if that is possible.

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