Complaint about billing's aggressive tactics

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Thanks. I want to to say that I suspended my account before, and had a very different and better experience. So, don't take this personally, but my interaction with the billing department was the first time in my years as a customer, I became very disappointed in Constant Contact. 
The person on the phone, Candy,  was repeatedly very pushy about my keeping account open when I asked for it to be suspended without listening nor caring about what I wanted. She said she would "help in anyway" but  had a hidden agenda to squeeze me for more money. I felt the way she tried to get me to drop the choice to suspend my account and instead keep it open was tacky, pushy, slimy-car dealerish and aggressive and not in line with how all of my other interactions with other representatives were. What I objected to was the sweet voiced "Double-speak" in which she kept reassuring met that she'd help me in whatever way she could while scheming to corner me into giving your company more $.
This was the first time I thought, ah. Constant contact are just out to score. I know this are a corporation but there are other email marketing platforms that don't harass customers. My advice: don't alienate your most loyal customers trying to squeeze a few bucks out of them, especially when they are not leaving but just suspending. It's in bad form, leaves a bad taste in one's mouth and makes them want to leave. No one likes to feel manipulated or conned.
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Hello @InspiredTherapy. Thank you for your feedback about your interaction with our Billing team and I sincerely apologize if you felt that you were treated poorly during your conversation. I have forwarded your concerns to our management team. 

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