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Content typed into text field should be viewable without having to scroll across a long vertical field. Design it to be like this one I am typing in now. :smileyface:

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Hello @jskspirit,

Are you referring to the survey that you are sent via email after speaking with a support rep? It sounds like the text in this field is creating one long vertical line of text? 

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Hello @jskspirit,

I will be passing this feedback along, but in the meantime I will opening this up to voting so other users can also discuss this change to the survey. 

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Thanks, Candace. This is a matter of user-friendliness, which would probably improve the rate in which people actually added some meaningful text that provides useful info for CC to explore.


Let me tell you, after the time and frustration I spent with Partner Support (soooo not the norm I assure you), I surely hoped I would receive a survey. However, I really wasn't a happy camper having to deal with the poor design, once again frustrating me -- I am a technical writer (and forms designer) and like to check/edit my work, even a simple survey response before hitting the Send button, so the design was a sticking point.


Thanks again.

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