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It would be great if the list of registrants would stay sorted when you move from the list to the registrant details and back again.


It would be really great if the CSV download included all the details that were collected from registrants -- all the fields from the registration form.  Then the first point wouldn't be as necessary.  I did ask for the information because I wanted to be able to collect it, after all.




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Hi @AlertEd thanks for sharing your feedback on the sorting of your registrants! This is a great feature request we would be happy to track. As for downloading your registrant details, users do have the options of downloading a full full report of all the information collected. Does this fit what you are looking for?

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I had not used the Reporting tab for events before!  I just looks empty when you click there, versus the exciting Dashboard page, so I was ignoring it & downloading the CSV from the Registrant list.  This is magical.  Thank you!


Now, if it was just one click to put it in my google drive -- the magic would be complete.

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