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I suggest you update this page: 

The current menu does not have "List Growth Tools" as pictured on this screen.

I cannot figure out how to stop receiving "Your Latest Contact/Subscriber Activity" emails. I can't unsubscribe with the email. The instructions of how to stop these emails is outdated.

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Thank you for the feedback @MikeC053,


We are currently in the process of rolling out the new "Sign-up forms" section that you are seeing in your account.  I will make sure to reach out to our Knowledgebase Team to let them know to update that FAQ once it's rolled out fully.


To turn off the Contact/Subscriber emails go to 'Sign-up Forms' and in the bottom left you should see a section for 'Landing Pages and More.'  Once you go there on the right hand side you should see a link to 'Sign-up & Unsubscribe Updates' where you can turn the report off.


Thanks again for the feedback, and hope this helps!

Occasional Participant

YES YES YES!!! This is so frustrating. CC is making it impossible or incredibly hard to find anything! especially when it comes for it's users to unsubscribe. Funny enough, the company that cares so much about the recipients being able to easily unsubscribe from any email list can no arrange for their own users to have the same privilege. 

So frustrating. 


I had a similar question, but trying to increase the frequency of the signup and unsubscribe emails to daily. It doesn't seem to accept any change to the schedule that I make. 

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