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Thank you for reaching out to us on your pleasant experience with your rep! I'm so happy to hear that you had a great experience. I will gladly pass this feedback along.


I just filled out your survey praising "Sarah" in your Support area.  Unfortunately, I didn't get her full name but her supervisor's name is Audra Madonna.  I asked because I fully intended to follow through and send a message to her boss.  As I explained in the survey, I found her level of customer service exemplary!  She deserves a raise AND a promotion!  Cindy Swisher - The Celebrators

Consulting & Training

today I needed help because of the changes on Constant Contact . I got in touch With Tim Gonzales who showed me patiences, professionalism and courtesy. As a former principal I would rate him excellent!


John Addeo,Jr.


I needed some help today and Dani D assisted me. She was beyond awesome 👏 . Thank you 


KUDOS to the rep who helped me, and I say HELPED ME this past Friday morning. H lives in Ft. Collins, because I shared my grandson lives there too.  I am 80 years old and legally blind so you can imagine how hard it is for me to see everything on the screen, and I'm also technologically challenged and don't understand import, export, upload, unload, disrobe :smileyface: etc. I had an old email system and he kindly explained how a newer system, at no additional chanrge (I am a volunteer at a religious organization) would help me.  He waled me gently thru everything and helped me chnage our zoom url.  He never made me feel "stupid" or "ah come on lady don't you get it."  He was a professional thru and thru.  An hour later I called back and spoke to someone else.  She was also helpful, kind and considerate.


Whenever I call I always begin with, "I'm so sorry to bother you."  I am instantly reassured I'm not bothering anyone and they are so willing to help.  KUDOS to constant contact and especially to those who help the blind old lady from CT>


Hi @Lenore14 thank you so much for sharing this feedback with us! We're very happy to hear our Support is able to help you within your account. We have also passed on your kudos about this rep to the appropriate team.

Occasional Participant

Good morning,


Kudos!!! I would like give a special thank you to Stephanie D. for her help this morning with placing images. She was very knowledgeable, patient and understanding.  Her demeanor was very pleasant.

Faye Hicks



I had been putting this off for some time now, but I recently had to change over to the new legacy newsletter format. As a baby boomer, I am not always up on all the new trends in the computer world nor do I feel comfortable exploring and understanding all the changes. I have to extend a HUGE thank you to Emma Ellsworth, who took the time to walk me through the changes with total patience. I could even tell that she had a smile on her face the whole time. That is true customer service. She also new the system in and out and was able to communicate in terms I could understand all the answers I needed to move forward. Thanks Emma. I hope I get to work with her again if I find I need help. Thanks Constant Contact for hiring such a competent and amiable person. Penny W.



Hi @PennyW23558 thanks for sharing this feedback! We're very happy to hear Emma was able to help you learn our updated email newsletter templates. We have passed on this kudo to the appropriate teams on your behalf. Please feel free to reach out again if you have any further questions as you continue to work in your account.


Hi Friends .. I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation for Emma Ellsworth. Last week, she helped me greatly, by first guiding me towards our next newsletter and second, by figuring out that our older browser [on our business computer] was preventing me from adding/changing images to our current draft. She was particularly kind and patient in dealing with this non-techie senior. 

This is not the first time I've reached out for help [& likely won't be the last]. I'm astonished at the quality of your support folks.  Many thanks!


Hi @RonS8 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have passed on your kudos for Emma to the appropriate teams. 

Home & Building Services

Michael and Stephanie D. were of valuable help on vetting my last campaign!  I highly recommend them to any subscriber that needs CC input on sending out a campaign.


Katie B. was very helpful and working with me to suspend the account until my next campaign next winter.


Good Job CC Team!!!





Will Berberich was the epitome of great customer relations.

He was patient, thorough, kind and ever so helpful...

My hope is you will recognize him for this.  He represented

Constant Contact very well.

Terrie Kohl, Country Club Market


Hi @AlidaA7 and @ChefTerrieK thanks you both for sharing your feedback on our support agents! We're so happy to hear these agents were able to help you both. These kind words have been passed on to the appropriate teams.


Jessica was OUTSTANDING today!!!


Very professional and personable...AND, patient!!!


Fantastic results...she deserves a reward/award/recognition


Today I was struggling to get my project underway in the "right" way. 

Enter Megan Eleazer. WOW. Megan saved me and it seems she went above and

beyond what I ever expected.  Her patience was angelic and I really was impressed.

(Actually all your help is very nice and all talk calmly when I am rattled.) Stan Gazilowitz


Hi @RichardC11760 thanks for sharing this feedback! We have passed along this kudo to the agent and the appropriate team on your behalf.

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