Maintenance shut down times

I wish that Constant Contact would consider when they shut down at 11:00pm ET for maintenance......that it is only 8:00pm PT......cutting into our work time.
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I totally agree and I am in Central time. Twice recently I wanted to work on a newsletter after 10 p.m. as I had no time during my next workday and I couldn't, causing chaos for me the next day. Why not do maintenance in the middle of the night?


I agree. it's hard for westcoasters who work in the evenings. 

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And right in the middle of the APAC business day, too.


I was just about to hit "send" on today's newsletter when I got a notice that something was wrong. Turns out the system was down for maintenance, but I never got a notice about that. Why not use your own product—email—to let us know before pulling the plug on the service we rely upon? You can reach me at. I will be expecting a warning next time you need to do this.


Thank you.

Doug Hughes

South Bay Musical Theatre

Director of Marketing

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Suggesting that you schedule system maintenance during early morning hours like 2 AM - 6 AM. It's very inconvenient to not be able to work on a email campaign when needed (right now) due to system maintenance.

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