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Received an email about a new template editor tool. One of the attractive functions is "mobile responsive". Spoke w CC help desk today to find that I have to re-create my template myself or pay CC $79-$99 to do it for me in the new editor.

Many hours have been spent by me to arrive at my current template. At the least I believe CC should provide a tool to migrate current templates to the new editor. OR charge a nominal fee (say$25) to do it for me.

Have been a long term CC user and value the product. This is the first time I feel that I have been boxed in a corner by CC.

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Thank you for the feedback @PatrickB216,


I can definitely see how it's frustrating to move your campaign from the old editor to the new editor.


I've sent you some additional information via a private message.  To view the private message, click on the envelope icon at the top of your Community account.  It should look like this:




Thank you again!

Occasional Participant


Thank you for the great news.  Have not looked yet but sure it will be top notch.  I can live without the forwarding function for the time being.  No problem.


Thanks again

Pat Boyle




To be honest I feel the same way as Patrick described above. I would like a free or much less expensive solution to migrate my existing template to the new editor. Any help would be appreciated. adatyshua@juno.com



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