Missing report info on EVENT EMails

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You continue to RUIN this product ... 

Latest stupidity is getting rid of the Email report info for EVENT Emails.


It is NOT enough just to see how many people regiter ... I want hte full Opens, bounce etc report on the Emails used to promote an event.


OK ... we use EMail to invite people to events ... this is the same as the rest of the Email thru CC and shoud have report data as such ... an EVENT is not fundamentally iddferent .. jst has a few MORe - (not Less) thngs to report.


Your design team continues to mess upwhat used to be simple and easy .... please fire them and start over with better designers.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thank you for the feedback @ChrisH031,


You can still access the reports for your email invitation-- they have just been moved to a new area.


If you go to your event dashboard page you should see a section for 'Emails'.  If you click on the number above 'Emails' it will bring you to the reporting page for your invitation emails.


Hope that is helpful.

I created an event and sent emails. Your list does not show if recipients opened email like it does in a regular constant contact. As it turned out most of my people are saying they did not receive email.
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