Please make automated emails/options added by your staff 'Inactive' until we can turn it on.

The new 'Welcome Email' that was added to our account is awesome! What's not as awesome is that the generic Welcome Email was set as 'Active' when it was added to our account. Perhaps it was an oversight that it was not set to inactive? At any rate, it appears we had a customer sign up for our email newletters (awesome!), and they received the generic welcome email...which just looks weird and unprofessional. Not a huge 'oops' as it appears only one person received it, but still a bit embarrasing.


I don't recall seeing any sort of email correspondence from your staff with regard to this new item rolling out. It would have been great to get a 'heads-up' as we have several folks on our staff who contribute to our email management. It took me a few confused minutes to figure out that one of them hadn't taken the intiative and created this.


We're still really happy with our Constant Contact service, and find it effective. If this could be implimented, it would make our lives easier. Thanks!


The tl;dr version: anything Constant Contact creates for clients that can be automated should be set to 'inactive' when it is launched, and the client should be the one to 'activate' the asset. 


Hi Gary,


Thank you for providing us with your feedback about the Welcome Email being "active" when it was put into your account. I do apologize for any inconveniences it may have caused you and I can understand how putting it into the account and keeping it "inactive" until you are ready to activate it may be more useful and helpful to you than for us to put it in your account already activated.

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