Sharing topics for emails with other residential real estate brokers in other markets

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I have a suggestion. One of the most challenging things to produce are good emails containing good content on a consistent basis. Our objective is to send out 2 emails each month that contain good, crisp emails that our audience looks forward to receiving. We are in the residential home sales business brokering used homes in the market place. 

It would be great if Constant Contact could be the link with three or four other residential brokers having the same objective, but in other geographic markets where we could share ideas

How can we make that happen?



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Hi @StephenB445 have you taken a look at our Real Estate Group hub here in the Community?  This is meant to be an open place for all involved in the Real Estate industry to ask questions, share advice, and connect with your peers when it comes to all things marketing. Does this Group Hub fit your needs? If not what would you expect to see instead?

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No I have not.


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Hi @StephenB445 thanks for following up with us on this. We would suggest reaching out to our Real Estate Group hub as it was created to do exactly this.

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How do i do that? Although the suggestion goes beyond us Realtors.


Great question @StephenB445 ! You can do this by creating a post in our Real Estate Group hub through this link

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