Support is completely not-existent and is total garbage! Hire a support team!!

I have an issue with my emails going to spam, so I called in and was on hold for about 10-15 minutes waiting for support before they said that no support was available and disconnected me.  So I figure Ill just send out the campaign anyway and see what happens.  Now i have an authentication error and cant send any campaigns at all.  So i try the chat and the chat guy says he cant help me and to call customer support.  So I call into support again, get put on hold for another 10-15 minutes only to get disconnected and told to call back later.  So I call back later, same story, waste another 10-15 minutes of my day only to get disconnected and told to call back later.  If support is unavailable, why would you make me wait on hold for 10-15 minutes each time before letting me know?!?!  That is sick, completely messed up, and will do nothing but anger off your clients!  So, now where do I turn for support??? Well this is the only other place I can turn before I decide to just give up and fire Constant Contact and share my review of their awful, non-existent service!

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Hi @JasonG712. To be transparent, we recently changed over to a new telephone system that may have caused some issues with you being successfully transferred. I'm sorry that this happened to you. Your account is also clear from the authentication error and you should be able to send. 

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