Test campaign never received -

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Even though the green "Success" banner showed, FOUR test campaign emails to myself NEVER arrived. CC is getting more like GoDaddy every day. They take our money each month, yet we have to deal with inconsistent service and unresponsive customer relations.

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My test email are not launching. Why?

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Why does it take over 5 minutes to receive a test campaign sent to myself? Unacceptable.

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Hi @ChrisC478 and @CurtL,

Thanks for posting, sorry to hear this happened. Have either of you tried this morning to send a test? If not, can you give it a try? We did have a couple of quick issues that you might have run into. If you still aren't able to get your test emails please reply and let me know which email you are sending so I can take  a look!



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Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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