The July 4 Announement is Making my work VERY difficult!

Please take the announement off of the working page - the one for your time off for July 3 & 4!!  I am trying to work and it is blocking my view of the part of the page I use the most (for font sizes, colors, etc.)  Please please please take that off!  It is taking me three times longer to get my work done.  Dang, you guys should know better.  Thank you!

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Hi @Seraphim

So sorry to hear this happened! Were you only seeing this while working in your email?


I am experiencing the same issue.  It's messing with my work.  There are all these messages at the top of the page in light blue bars that cover the working area.


Please stop or redesign your program so we don't have to stop and go back and forth with these messages.

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First off, sorry for misspelling "announcement."  Secondly, I did finally go out of Constant Contact and go back in and was able to somehow make the announcement go away, not sure how I did it.  But that was really tough when it was up.  Perhaps announcements should be put in a pop-up window or something so that once read, it can easily be made to go away (my suggestion).  It takes me hours to create our newsletter and that delayed me quite a bit of time.  Thanks everyone for your helpful comments.  By the way, this happened on July 4, and it is now Aug. 8, obviously way out of time.


Hi @Seraphim and @CaseyS101

So sorry to hear this is still happening! We took down the message about July 4th on July 5th so it should not be showing for you. We do often use that space to offer webinars or specials so could you be seeing one of those? It would be really helpful if you could take a screenshot the next time the banner gets in the way of your work! Also, if you could let me know what browser you are using and what device you are on. For example, are you working on an Ipad where the screen is a bit smaller?




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