The cc IOS mobile app is a #Fail

From Central Square Cambridge, I worked over an an hour creating a campaign for a time sensitive project, but I gave up trying because the menus for Build, Design and Preview and other create campaign and schedule list function are 100% incompatible with my $900 Apple Iphone 7.

I could not edit what I had started in The Windows web browser.

A Build from Scratch approach was ineffective because the menus and screens would overlap each other.

This experience in building a simple flyer of two images and a small amount of text announcing and art event with this app was so bad that i stopped trying and waited three hours until I could get behind behind a Windows desktop, then start the design over. I did not want to use the 1 of 3 default templates. I logged onto MailChimp, setup an account and plan to eval their mobile app,

I will have no choice but to switch to MailChimp if their mobile app for IOS does a better job creating campaign documents than yours does, unless you have something else I can use that is better than this one I am using to post
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Thanks for the feedback @BostonMurrell,


It sounds like our mobile app wasn't working properly for you, which is understandably frustrating. 

It sounds like you may have run into some issues that I'm unaware of.  You mentioned menus and screens were overlapping one another-- can you describe that further?  Or if at all possible, is that something you can take a screenshot of so we can look into it?


I agree with Boston here. Mail Chimps app works. You can edit emails you created on a desktop and vice versa. Constant Contact's app is not only bare bones when creating new campaigns, but you cannot copy and then edit old ones. I'm seriously considering switching our business to Mail Chimp.

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