"improvements" seem to make things difficult if you just want to keep the same format

I am trying to send my monthly newsletter in the same format that works for me and my small business.  Every time constant contact increase prices and "improve" the service it makes it difficult to simply keep doing what works for me.  Maybe I need to be more techy or something but I pay constant contact to do the techy stuff so I can send newsletters about what I know best.

I simply wish to leave the text in the newsletter when I add a link from my website.  The space where the text that I want the link to be on is now blank and won't accept any entries.


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Sorry to hear you are having trouble @hazelb9,


The issue you are mentioning is not something I've heard of before.  Would you be able to attach a screenshot of what you're seeing?  Or if it would help I can have a member of our Support Team reach out to you to help.

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