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I like to exchange emails to get support, but one thing I had a problem with is the address to which it gets sent.  We have our address set in our account, but typically it goes to a large Inbox that only one person, at our place, takes care of.  It would be nice to have an option to choose where Constant Contact could send the response to.  I work in the Garden Center industry and at this time of year, not everyone is on the schedule, which includes the woman in charge of the "Inbox". And in the Spring when it is busy, I don't necessarily want to bother her with stuff for my job, as the writer of the newsletter.


It's just a little thing, but would help..... I just got a response from CC today for a problem I had last week, not due to negligence on your end, but rather because of our situation here at our little store.  Thank you for your help or for just listening. Happy New Year! -Nan


Nan Ingraham

Hyannis Country Garden

Cape Cod Ma



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