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I just spent the last hour creating a survey and then after it was all done and I hit finish I was told I needed to upgrade! Really? I should have been notified at the outset that my plan did not include surveys! Additionally there is no mention that I can find for what the one time survey cost is. All in all, not very pleased with approach for a company I've done business with now for over a decade. tk@delphigroup.com

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Thank you for the feedback @TomK475,


Sorry you had a bad experience with our Survey tool.  I'm sending you a private message (which you can see by clicking the envelope icon on the top right of the community) with some follow-up information.

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Impressed with CC follow-up suport.


Although the process talked about in this thread frustrated me, I have to add that the response of the CC team was definitely to "make things right" and to review the concern I had. Very impressed with the follow-up!


I would guest many who run an event would want feedback about it from those who attended. Surveys are great but CC makes it too complicated. Please simplify sending a survey to all event registrants with 1 maybe 2 steps! 

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