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Afterhours and Billing charge alerts

Afterhours and Billing charge alerts

I think there should have more options to contact support outside open hours.Email to chat after open hours.  I tried to contact about charge in advance. Because I am in another country it was difficult.I should be able to cancel online as well.


 I was automatically charged. I think we should be able to pay for specific time frame. I pre-payed for six months via credit card but was charge for a year. I did not receive sufficient notification. One email.  I thought I was getting a phone call. An alert should pop up in the account should appear as well. I am definitely reconsidering this service in the future.  

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CTCT Employee
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Hello @SaritaD9

What method of communication are you looking to be able to reach us at? I'm unsure if you are aware of this but what we do have is support resources available to help you over the phone (Saturdays), and on Twitter & our Community (Saturdays & Sundays).