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Calendar View and suggestion

Calendar View and suggestion

The calendar view is great but it would be more valuable if it were used for the event campaigns by date. Currently the list of events lists them in order of the dates they were created, not the date they actually are scheduled to take place. This makes it very difficult to locate a specific even as it approaches. Will Constant Contact figure out a way to allow us to view them in the order they will occur?


Would save so much time and frustration.


Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the great feedback @NancyT29200,


I can totally understand why you would want to see events on the calendar based on the event start date.  I'm going to share this feedback with our Product Team and open this up for voting from our other customers!

Occasional Contributor

What is the status of this request? If we can't view our events on Constant Contact calendar. Would you be able to recommend another calendar viewing tool that integrates with Constant Contact?