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Your new automated virtual assistance is worse than AWFUL. I was calling to get pricing for 2 new clients and it will not recognize a new caller or new account. I have referred many clients to you all. I have not had to call constant contact in quite some time, but when I have called, I have always had the pleasure of speaking to someone right away and not having to go through this terrible automated virtual assistant. Take back your original system as it worked and was more personalized.


I also tried to do the virtual CHAT and it doesn't work either. Your new system STINKS!


Please have someone call me. 540-817-3016


Lexington Marketing Services

Heather Barone

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Hi @GladysH9. I'm sorry to hear about your experience and I want to make sure you get in touch with the right team if you still need assistance. What department were you looking to speak with? Also, do you happen to remember what phone number you were calling?