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Con game

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Con game

What \kind of con job is this? Someone used this for rsvp to an event, I signed in and you try to sell me e mail things i dont need. I can not respond to the rsvp either way and now you have my information. I will be reporting this site to the FCC and United States government for a phishing scam, how dare you trick people in to using your services! This is fraudulent and I don't want anything sent to my e mail address which is [removed by moderator]. If I receive 1 e mail from you I will sue you! Enough of this type of scamming people for information, sickening and disturbing company you have, and I know you arE SCAMMERS BECAUSE YOUR PHONE NUMBER IS INVALID TOO!  What a joke.

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Would you be willing to share a bit more on what your experience was? What kind of event were you registering for? Did you mean to set up an account with Constant Contact?