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Does Constant Contact Support the Following Features?

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Does Constant Contact Support the Following Features?



I am thinking of using Constant Contact. 


I just wonder if it supports the following features:


  1. Use a custom email address as the sender?
  2. Integrate the subscribe/unsubscribe function into our own website? 
  3. Subscribe/unsubscribe via a URL containing the parameters, such as the email to be subscribed.
  4. Block specific email addresses from subscribing.



Hi @user44041 these are great questions! The good news is you can definitely use your own email addresses as your sender.  We also do offer sign-up forms for contacts to subscribe through that you can both integrate into your website or share through a URL. As for unsubscribing contacts, this function is only available in the Contacts section of your account or in the footer of the emails you send. At this time we also do not offer the ability to block specific email addresses from subscribing. I apologize for any inconvenience not having these functions may cause, and have submitted your request for this to the appropriate teams.

CTCT Employee

Hey @user44041, regarding the option to block specific addresses from signing up, would you be wanting to have the ability to type in the exact address into a blacklist or are would you prefer to have the ability to type in a domain to add into a blacklist?

CTCT Employee
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Hi, @Chirs_D, 


In my current case, input one email address manually is enough for blocking. However, later I may need to block a domain though I do not find such a case necessary now.

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Hi, @


As for sharing through a URL, I see you introduce me to use a landing page :


I just wonder if it is to set the parameters in the landing page URL, like this:


instead of letting the customer to input the email in the form manually. If that is possible, then I can integrate the subscription my Windows desktop program easily. User can input his email address in my program and clicking one "subscribe" button to perform the subscription, instead of being redirect to a landing page and reinput the email manually.