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Here's a great idea

Here's a great idea

What a great concept: Hire MORE support staff so that when we call in for help, we're not told "Gosh, it's a busier support day than usual, we estimate your hold time to be more than 30 minutes."  THIRTY MINUTES? SERIOUSLY? As if I want to just sit here for a half hour and wait. This is unacceptable. I just now completed the survey request you sent to me and I wish I had waited a few minutes so that I might include this ridiculously poor support.  I'm sorry, I do love you guys but this is just beyond the pale.

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Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback @EnergyPlus,


Long hold times are never fun.  I am happy to voice your feedback.


In the meantime-- were you able to get through to someone to help with your question?  If not let me know and I can have someone reach out to you.