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Improve Test Send

Improve Test Send

Please let the success message for the test send remain until I dismiss it. I often am working in many windows and I look away for a sec then I can't remember if I sent the test!

Also please bring back the check box list of emails already in the system, why make me type out the different emails each time?


CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello @TerriS43 ,

I just want to make sure I completely understand what the features that you are looking for are. When you say the check box list of email where did you see this in your account previously. 

As for your first idea so would you prefer to keep it there and have an x on the right of the message so you can choose to close it?

All Star

Thanks Candace_M,

Yes, having a manual "x" to close the test success message would be preferred to having it simply disappear- even better a list of test sends and revisions dates would be cool.


Around 6-12 months ago when I would sent a test email to my colleagues, I would see a checklist of email addresses within the system as part of the "Send a Test Email" dialog box. I'd simply check which person to send it to, hit send, and I'm done. Now I have to manually type in the email addresses that I want to test send to.


CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Awesome ideas! I want to open this up to voting so other users can comment and vote on this as well.

Thanks for taking the time to share and answer my questions. We appreciate your feedback!

Agreed on autopopulating the test message recipients from previous ones, as well as more definitively marking when a test message has been sent (and to who).