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Isn't it Ironic? (Doncha think)

Isn't it Ironic? (Doncha think)

It is indeed ironic that a software program that uses email addresses does not provide an email address for suggestions or complaints. I have used constant contact since May 2013 as the business I started managing already used it. I have watched with dismay as it has gone steadily downhill. For example, not allowing more than one email address per person. We are a ballet school! Our families want information to be sent to at least both parents and sometimes 4-6 people because of blended families. Moreover, I am writing to COMPLAIN that your new filtering program for contacts is absolutely TERRIBLE!  I am on a deadline and CC is not finding contacts that I KNOW are in the system. And why default back to "LIST MANAGEMENT" every time I need to search. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! Please note that my caps are not yelling, but for emphasis. I will be diligently searching for another software program that will be providing good customer service and not useless updates that make no sense.  Signed, Frustrated in West LA.  



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Hello @RomanP5,


Thank you for taking the time to type out all that feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the ways that you can currently manage contacts. You mentioned that you don't like the new filtering program for contacts. Are you referring to the search options?