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No email support . Ironic?

You have to admit it's a little ironic that CC does not offer email support as a communication option. That's a little like AT&T not taking phone calls. lol


Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thank you for the feedback @SherryR356!


I never thought of it that way but I can definitely see how it is a little ironic. 

We found that our email support channel was not being utilized at a rate that made sense to keep supporting it.  We made the decision to take those resources and put them towards some of our more heavily used Support channels.


Happy to pass on your feedback!


It is absurd!  I am researching other options... so done with CC


@KarenJL - are you in need of Support?  If so let me know, and I can have a member of our Support team reach out.



Solution Provider

I also agree that the lack of email support is ironic. I find email to be a higher quality means of support. I can share information clearly and on my own time. I *hate* having to schedule time to talk to a live person for low level support issues. Sure, if it's mission critical I want to talk to a live person who speaks my language. Otherwise, email is what I prefer.


Now back to searching for a way to insert a "tel:" link which I used to easily do using the raw HTML editor. The new WYSIWYG editor is nice for most things, but every now and then you really need to be able to get under the hood and tweak the HTML. Grrrr.....


Thank you for the feedback @KACC-NH,


I understand your feedback about email support and will share it. 

As far as the need for being able to get to the HTML in your email, what do you find that you typically need to tweak that would require HTML access?

Solution Provider

The most recent thing I needed HTML support for was I wanted to add a "tel:" link on a telephone number. The editor only supports web pages, files, and mailto.


In the past, I've had to deal with formatting issues with the editor. Sometimes the formatting just got so messed up I needed to go into the HTML to clear it up. This tended to be where a div block ended and I wanted to start a new div. I had to go into the html to add a character outside the div and then the editor was useful again.