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Opening Voice Auto System

Opening Voice Auto System

All Star

You need to change the phone robot.  It takes forever to say what it is and how helpful it is - waisting valuable time - then it simply can't understand what is said.  There needs to be a way of bypassing it as most companies have.  You guys are worse with this than Wells-Fargo or ATT and that is saying something.  They are near monopolies and you are not.  I have been complaining about this for over 2 years and nothing is done.  The voice recognition is actually getting worse.

Bret Lyon

Regular Visitor

This is a complete waste of time and very frustrating

All Star

1. I don't want to talk with your computer, she does NOT understand "complete sentences" and when I do go through the tedious process of talking with a computer, I have to repeat the entire process all over again when I finally reach a live agent. Why are you wasting my time?

2. I don't want to wait 20 or more minutes on the phone to finally speak with an agent about GIVING you money! I want to pay a bill, not sit here listening to elevator music.

Please, I beg of you, change that filler noise that plays when the robot who screens your calls is supposedly "thinking". That fake keyboard typing noise is irritating beyond belief. 

Occasional Visitor
I rarely have any complaints and I think your service is excellent. However, this new voicemail system is terrible. In the past, all I had to do was press two numbers and I was immediately put in touch with a technical representative. Now, I had to identify myself to a computer, then it was routed to another person who also asked me for my email address and then to the actual tech rep. This was very inconvenient and a waste of my time. Please fix this as soon as possible.
All Star

The automated voice attendant is a HUGE negative for Constant Contact. She does not understand ANYTHING. This service is bad -- not nearly as sophisticated or able as other voice attendants. Get rid of it, or get one that's better.

New Member
All Star

Your voice recognition software is far below par.  It took me several minutes to explain what I wanted and your computer could not understand.  It is very frustrating as a human would have recognized my request immediately.  CC voice recognition is not up to par.  Keep working at it, but don't experiment on your customers.

Your automated call triage is a terrible nuisance - listening to it "type" and waiting for it to respond is infuriating. What I know from Constant Contact is that your staff are cross trained on email, list support, event development and more. Let your "next available" representative just answer the calls. Don't make your customers talk to an aggravating bot to get service. It's efforts at sounding human and welcoming are unnatural and more importantly - UNNECESSARY.
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The (relatively new?) automated attendant actually seems to waste time. After the auto attendant asks for user name and a description of the issue ("so we can route your call to an appropriate representative"), the human representative comes on and asks for our user name and a description of the issue. When I mention I already gave that into to the auto attendant, the human says he/she needs it again. So I don't understand the value of the auto attendant. (Perhaps it's to keep us occupied while we wait in the que? I'd rather wait than have to give all my info twice.)