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Refresh-Lost Work

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Refresh-Lost Work

While compiling our newsletters, the site frequently gives the "oops" dialog box forcing a refresh and causing us to lose any work done since last saving and sometimes even that work is not saved. The save button also frequently becomes unavailable while working which forces a reload/refresh of the page. While I have gotten in the habit of saving after Every. Single. change I make, these refreshes waste a lot of valuable time. A newsletter that may take me 2 hours to compile working straight through can often take up to 4 hours because of material lost or time spent copying, refreshing and pasting.

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CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hey @LauraK043, thanks for your feedback! This is definitely not a normal issue and I want to see if we can figure out what's causing it. Are you copy and pasting any content into your email? If so, where are you copying it from? 


Has this issue occurred when creating an email from a brand new template or only when you copy from another campaign? 


Lastly, are you editing your email on a wifi network? If so, can you see what the speeds are by testing them at