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Test emails

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Test emails

I would like to have the option of having replies to a Test email go to someone else other than the person who will eventually be the official sender.  In the case where I am the communications person drafting an email on behalf of the Executive Director, I want to send out a Test and have the replies come to me, not the ED.

CTCT Employee
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At this time you should have the ability to switch out the reply to email address before sending out your test email. After you do this you can then send out your test emails and have replies go to the appropriate email address. Once you have tested this, you can go back to the header of your email and then change the reply to email address back before sending out your email.

Are you looking for a different functionality? 

CTCT Employee

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Hi there,
Thanks. I certainly can do it that way, but it's clunky and easily
forgotten in the editing stage. I am looking for functionality within the
test email menu to have it send from a separate account. Mailchimp offers
this functionality and it is extremely useful.