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improve customer support

Just had a conversation with one of your customer support agent. Not only he did not help but he did not even let me tell him that I have more questions. He just disconnected! Very unsatisfied!


Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:41:41 PM): Welcome to Constant Contact support. My name is Vaishnavi. One moment while I review your request.
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:41:55 PM): Hello, Yana!
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:42:12 PM): It would be great if you could tell me a bit more about your query.
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:45:32 PM): Are we connected?
Me (1/18/2019, 5:46:15 PM): yes we are
Me (1/18/2019, 5:46:28 PM): it took a while
Me (1/18/2019, 5:46:47 PM): I have a problem with my contact form on my Wordpress blog
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:47:00 PM): Can you tell me a bit more on this.
Me (1/18/2019, 5:47:19 PM): people comment in that contact form trying to reach me but I do not get any messages
Me (1/18/2019, 5:47:30 PM):
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:47:41 PM): Thank you for elaborating.
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:47:59 PM): Let me check this for you.
Me (1/18/2019, 5:48:46 PM): thanks
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:49:16 PM): You're welcome.
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:53:02 PM): Thank you for holding.
Me (1/18/2019, 5:53:23 PM): yes
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:53:27 PM): It looks like the message will be received at your WordPress plugin.
Me (1/18/2019, 5:53:42 PM): how can I check it and is there a way to send it to my email?
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:55:05 PM): I apologize I do not have more information on that. You can contact our developer team at
Me (1/18/2019, 5:55:22 PM): thanks
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:55:27 PM): I apologize that this wasn't something I could handle over chat for you.
Vaishnavi J (1/18/2019, 5:55:31 PM): Is there anything else I can help you with?


Hi @YanaE37 thank you for sharing this feedback with us. I apologize for this experience you’ve had with our support. I have also submitted your feedback on this to the appropriate teams. With that being said, I would be happy to help troubleshoot this further for you.  Are contacts using your form not being added into your Constant Contact account? Or are you not receiving emails from WordPress with their contact information? Having this clarification would help us better understand what you’re experiencing with your form.


If these contacts are not being added into your Constant Contact account, this is being caused from the opt-in checkbox on your form. We suggest not using an opt-in checkbox, unless the goal is to use a general Contact Us form with the option to sign up. If the contact signs up with the form but does not check the box, they will not be added into your account. You will however get an email from WordPress with the contact information (if you have not disabled this option).

CTCT Employee
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