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photo editor

photo editor

Just to let you know that your new photo editor sucks. It constantly distorts the picture when cropping. Please bring back the old editor!

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I 100 percent agree. The new photo editor is terrible. It is literally unusable. First of all, for cropping, it has fewer standardized formats than the previous version. What happened to the useful formats like 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc.? But even if it had those formats, cropping is not saved. I have tried multiple times and different login sessions, and it just won't save images that have been cropped. Now I have to edit all my photos before uploading them, which takes much longer.

*** THIS IS AN EPIC FAIL. *** Please, Constant Contact, go back to the old photo editor, which was actually quite easy to use and actually worked. As far as I can tell, this "upgrade" simply created a different user interface with no real improvements. In fact, it has FEWER useful features than before. Form over function. It is utterly useless.

CTCT Employee
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Hey @missionmedia, thanks for your feedback! We used a third party service to allow users to edit their images and this service was unexpectedly discontinued and while we tried to extend our usage of it, the discontinuation of supporting this editor was deemed permanent by that third party. Due to this, we were able to quickly implement a newer image editor that offers a lot of really cool features. We are aware of a few issues with this editor and we're working to resolve them as soon as possible - this being one of them. I will update this thread as soon as this issue is resolved. 

CTCT Employee

@MurrayW6 we've seen some cases where cropping an image will save once you insert it, however, previewing the campaign shows the older version of the image. Is that what you're seeing? 


As for the additional preset cropping options, we unfortunately don't have control of these types of features with the editor as it's managed and created by a third party, however, I've definitely shared this feedback to them as they are working to improve the editor.

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Thanks Chris_D! I hope this issue is resolved soon. For me it's not that the original image is still used. It's that the cropped image is always distorted. So if I need to crop, I have to do so in Photoshop or some other photo editor first rather than doing it in the CC editor. Takes more time and energy because I have to go in and out of CC.

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same issue

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help!  how do I change the size of a photo -- not crop, just resize (from 800 x 800 pixels to 302 x 302 pixels) . . . was simple in the old photo editor . . . much needed . . . . thank you.  -- mark winwood

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This new photo editor is horrible, i've now sent out four separate emails with distorted photos because your editor is awful. One would think after a month this would have been resolved. I now have to go through 3 extra steps to get a photo to look somewhat normal, and those 3 steps add up when half the newsletter is photos. i'm about ready to send you guys a bill for all the extra time this is requiring. I suggest fixing this or ditching it and finding another,more simple, editor. 


I, too, find the new editor awful. The filters produce dreary images. I loved the old "enhance" feature, which is now missing. I also hate that it doesn't save the image as a copy. Count me in as another person getting distorted images on the cropping. It's just a cumbersome, ineffective tool. I'm now doing all of my editing in Photoshop and uploading. It adds so much time to have to do it this way!

I agree.  The new photo editor is very restrictive.  I am forced to take my images to an outside program to make the changes that I need.  These are edits I used to make EASILY in the old version and now has become a bit of a root canal.  Please do bring back the option of the past editor or change it to something that allows us more flexibility.


I agree. It's impossible to save an edited image.