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photo editor

photo editor

Just to let you know that your new photo editor sucks. It constantly distorts the picture when cropping. Please bring back the old editor!


The new photo editor lacks the border features we were using in our previous newsletters. We will lose consistency with our images moving forward. Disappointing.


Big fail on the photo editor. It won't save.

Occasional Visitor

I am having a problem with the photo editor too. They're just going to leave it like this? Broken? When people are paying for a functional photo editor as part of their subscription?


Completely agree. I have sent quite a bit of feedback about this and I see others have as well. Trying to use it today and it's glitching... easier and more effective to alter photos in Adobe then import. 

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It is now September 10, 2019 and as far as I can tell the issue is still not fixed. We're new to Constant Contact and so far our experience is not great. When I called Customer Service 5 days ago they acted like it was a new problem that would be resolved quickly - I guess it's not because according to this thread it's been happening for ten months. I'll take the advice of another user and edit my photos in Adobe before uploading to Constant Contact.