stop the timing out!

All day long, I'm continually having to log back on as you time out so quickly. I wish this feature would go away. Or at least, not time out so soon.


That said, when the popup comes - see capture below - I can't click anywhere.  Not the button or off the popup.  Please fix!constant-contact.jpg

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your working on your campaign and your gone for 7 min because something came up and it logs you out...frustrating!!!
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Hello @BradleyM199

Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback! Would the ability to adjust the timing before this message appears suit your need?

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I agree the time out feature is annoying.  I might expect it to time out for security purposes if the page sits idle for a length of time, but even when I'm actively working in Constant Contact, updating contacts, etc. It seems to wonder if I'm really still working even when I've just updated and email address or deleted a contact a few seconds prior.  It seems to check in after a time regardless of being left untouched.

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I don't get this particular message, but I get one just as aggravating: "Sorry your changes could not be saved." And I have to log back in and see how much of my work has been lost. This happens about 4 times within each hour, no matter what my internet connection is. 



I am sorry to hear you are seeing messages like this. We're happy to help. Can you help with some details?


- What browser are you usually working in when this happens?

- Is there any action that causes an error or does it seem random?

- Can you screenshot the error next time you get it and email it to us?

- Are you pasting content into your email from another source?

- Are you copying the same template to use again?

- Are you on a work or home network?

- Where in the world are you located? General area is fine!

Please give us the option to disable this feature. This isn't online banking - I don't need safety around the account thanks. It's ok if I stay logged in all day. This feature is more annoying than helpful.
I'm referring to Constant Contact all day long, but not constantly. PLEASE give me a way to not have to keep logging in all day due to my session timing out. Also, I get the "are you still working" message even when I am actively using the site. Seems you should know the last time I hit enter.
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Thanks for reaching out with this feedback. I will be opening up this idea to voting so other users can vote and comment on this idea! 

Is there a specific timeframe that you would prefer to see this message in? 

Response from: LoriA8666
Thank you! I would like to never be timed out. But anything longer than you have set already – or an opt-in to timing out – would be a big help. Yesterday, I was timed out about four times while trying to work.

Thanks, R

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This message popping up while actively working in an account has been fixed. Thank you for all your feedback!




I am multi-tasking through out the day. Please stop logging me out! Can we not have a setting or something?!

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I am new to CC. This is my first week using the platform. I would prefer not to be logged out or see this message. If I am finished, I will actively log out of the program. Then and only then would I like to be logged out.


Thank you.

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I came here to make this suggestion and I see that it is already a very popular item! I can see where you might have a reason to insist on a log off time, so if that's the case in the absence of being able to turn it off altogether it would be nice to have the option of at least extending it. I get interrupted all the time and have wasted a lot of time over the years. I would also suggest, in the absence of giving us the ability to customize the amount of time before log off, you at least kick us out completely when the log off happens. It's too easy to assume you're still in Constant Contact and go back to working only to find out you're not. While drastic, I'd rather be pulled from my desk to find myself back on the login page rather than just getting the popup, clicking off of it, and it looking like I'm still active.

I'm a big fan of Constant Contact, this is my only complaint. But it's a major one.


Does anyone know if the other programs like MailChimp do this?