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We were informed by our design firm that you are retiring 2GE. I chatted this morning with a member of your support who said there wasn't a set date for this but that I would get an email and then from my prompting said there wasn't even an estimated date - but maybe June. My design firm then sent me a copy of the email they got which clearly says "June 1". I have several concerns around this. First, I have looked back and I don't see that I ever received an email myself with this information - why have I not been notified? Second, why did your support team not have this information? Third, why are you eliminating a feature necessary for many of your customers? Stephanie Brown NXT Capital
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Hi @EricF0 the option to copy one of our older and outdated Legacy Newsletter Templates is going away for a small number of accounts on June 1, but if you didn't get the communication then your account isn't one of them. It will however eventually be going away as we move towards our updated Email Newsletters instead - but there is no specific date yet. Are there any features in particular that are causing you to continue copying these Legacy Newsletter Templates? Having any feedback on this is important to have as we are always open to ways we can better our user's experience. In the meantime, we would recommend recreating your template in our updated editor.


Hi Frankie

Thank you for that information.  I am not exactly sure what you mean by 'copy one of our older and outdated Legacy Newsletter Templates'?  We have custom templates that we had built by our design team.  I was informed by them that they had to previously downgrade use from 3GE to 2GE so we could continue to edit the templates.  Here is what they said: the 3GE will no longer allow access to edit HTML in each block (template module).  It sounds like (from them) that we will only have two options - straight drag/drop templates or full html.  Neither of those work well for us.  The drag/drop don't fit our custom corporate look/design and since we don't have in-house designers we don't have knowledge within our staff for the editing of full html.  We have a need to be able to edit some basic items in the template using limited HTML knowledge so the hybrid editor has worked well for us.  Can you verify that the information we have been given is correct?  Thanks.


Hi @EricF0 Legacy Newsletter Templates are the email templates using our Second-Generation Editor, the editor you are currently using. What specifically about your campaigns are you editing through HTML? You are correct, our Third Generation Editor does not currently allow access to its HTML. Though this is a feature request our product team is collecting feedback on. In fact in an effort to help you switch editors easier we would be happy to recreate one of your most recent campaigns in our newest editor free of charge. To do this we ask that you please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and the name of the campaign you’re working with. We will also be merging your post into our HTML feature request thread to make sure this request is tracked properly.

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We have not heard back from you, so we are closing this idea. We welcome feedback and encourage you to create a new post and let us know what improvements or requests you would like to see.

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