Ability to insert an indent for paragraphs

I'm incapable of indenting the first line of a paragraph. This simple aspect of writing should be a no-brainer possibility for account users. Especially when so much of marketing is not only content, but how the content is presented. Capability to indent and format paragraphs properly is a necessity. I'm shocked this hasn't been addressed/fixed, it's such a simple formatting requirement.

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Updating the status of this request to Under Consideration to support our new community idea statuses to add better insight to your feedback.


To summarize what’s happened with this feedback so far. We’ve made an update to our Cross Platform Editor to allow for multiple spaces to be entered. Previously, multiple spaces were stripped out. This is a great option if you are in need of a leading indent. We still have an open request internally to insert a tab and indenting multiple lines of text. At this time there aren’t any other updates on any movement on that request, but we’ll keep you posted in this thread.

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I am new to Constant Contact but find it beyond frustrating that when creating a newsletter or any document actually there is no "tab" option. I don't understand why it would be THAT difficult to give a tab option. It really seems minor in comparison and easy to do. Please consider adding this....it's beyond frustrating!!!!!!!!
Status changed to: Voting Open

@DianeB4507 this is a good idea and I understand your frustration.  I have opened the idea up for voting.

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Where did anchors go?  I need to link from table of content items to the items themselves!!!  Why did you break what wasn't broken?

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If, by "Tab", you mean a line indent, then I agree with this and actually posted the same request just yesterday.

Status changed to: Open Questions

@elizabeth.orourke Thank you for the feedback. I understand this is an important feature to you and others and I have passed along your comments to our product team.


I totally agree with Mikhaila B. Without the ability to indent paragraphs, Constant Contact is nearly worthless for our purposes. PLEASE FIX THIS QUICK!

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How is it that a platform like Constant Contact no longer has a simple indent feature? I am blown away that since I recently moved to your new editor, I can't create a simple indent in an email. Additionally, I tried to use the space function, in lieu of an indent and I am limited in my ability to make the spacer as small as I want it to be. Come on! Please bring back the indent quickly and give us the ability to make spacers the size we prefer!!! This is a big deal!!!!!!!!!!
Status changed to: Voting Open

Indent or tab for paragraphs would be very helpful

Campaign Contributor

We would like to be able to indent text. Indentation would help with the organization of text, which was previously available in the legacy version. 


Please consider our suggestion. Thank you!


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