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Ability to see and edit Notes with Contact Redesign

Hello!  With the recent updates to the contacts, simple functionality is no longer available.  

1) The notes are no longer available.  I understand that I can run the report and then create a custom field and re-upload, but that seems unnecessary. The notes field was very helpful with the date/time stamp.

2) Adding contacts to the lists now requires multiple clicks.  Previously, you could type the first few letters and the list would auto-populate that would allow you to select.  Now, you have to scroll through the list.



Please bring back my contact notes.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @NicoleR999 thank you for sharing this feedback! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.


Seriously, NOTES is gone? I am hating the new interface. I’ve used the NOTES capability for five years, and now I can no longer see nor update with new notes as I’m talking with a client. I loved that it date-stamped each of my entries so I could look back and refer to things that had happened for my client previously. I used this feature extensively, and if it’s gone for good, I’m finding a new way to send out emails and keep up with my clients. Very disappointed.


Your support team told me the only way to see the notes was to export my contacts and then re-import with a custom text box. I tried putting a text box in one of my new contacts, and the text box only allowed 256 characters. Not enough.


So bring it back!


The contacts dashboard has been updated and now I am unable to see my notes without working around and exporting them to excel. Is this temporary?


I need my notes back!!  

Downloading to an excel spreadsheet is a pain...:(


In the effort to improve the Contacts look, feel and functions, CC removed the Notes section for individual contacts!! Incredulous! For a business using this feature, these are important references for many business contacts about their orders, dialogues about orders, repeat customers, and potential new customer leads. This is used for marketing, which CC should be all about, right? Crazy that this was removed and without any heads up or considerate warning from CC. Deleting CC's customers' data is a serious offense. The data from the Contacts Notes section should be accurately and completely restored to each individual contact entry, as should this feature.

Marketing Legend

What? the contact "notes" functionality is gone? Unbelievable.


Does no one at Constant Contact (CC) realize the value and power of this functionality? For over ten years, our company has used the "notes" functionality as a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. This is how we kept track of each contact's history with us and this functionality is where we stored details about the contact that did not fit anywhere else in the CC customer profile.


Did I miss something? Was there an announcement about this pending change? This is devastating to our company. Now, after ten years of being a loyal CC subscriber (and a strong promoter of CC to many other small businesses like ours) we are driven to find an alternative solution. What a mess.


I am willing to pay a premium to get the "notes" functionality. I am also willing to pay a premium to get back the old functionality of adding and editing contact records. The new process requires too many clicks. Very inelegant. Disappointing.


What is your plan to resolve this, CC?

I have always loved Constant Contact and considered it one of my useful tools. This new version is not user friendly and it has lost all its simplicity. Today when I tried to find my client notes they are not there. I'm sorry but I miss the old version. This new version is too different, too busy, not well defined and I don't feel happy here anymore.

I do not like the new updates done to the Contacts page. It looks very basic and cheap, and I can't find anything. Please put it back to the way it was!!!

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @ShannonP247 which update or updates in our system do you find to not be user friendly? What about it is not user friendly to you? How would you expect these tools to work instead?

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