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We should be able to have more than one criteria of each type to create a segment (i.e. I should be able to create a segment that targets people who meet BOTH of these criteria: were sent any of the last 5 campaigns AND Opened one of the last 10 campaigns.

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We’re updating the status of this idea to Under Consideration while we look into adding NOT and IS BLANK operators into segment creation. This would allow for more flexible uses of segments. There will be other criteria considered, so we still encourage everyone to share their desired segment use cases below in the comments. We will keep this thread updated with progress, it will likely still take some time before we’re able to fully tackle this one.

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Suggestion to add ability to segment users by zipcode radius in Email campaigns. Benefit is higher personalization of emails, which could potentially lead to higher opens and higher sales. (PS: is already doing this)

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It would be great if the Segment Criteria had the option of "OR" instead of "AND." For instance, I want customers in my Shopify List that are in the FAS Industry OR Tagged as FAS. AND = Exclusive and I'd like options like other email providers offer.

Has this issue been addressed yet? Our firm just switched to Constant Contact from another email marketing solution, but we may ultimately need to switch back again if this segmentation logic is not available. We switched to Constant Contact due to the better design and aesthetic options + overall navigability. However, without being able to add the "AND" logic for multiple criteria in the same category, it will make it difficult to target our audiences effectively. 


For example, if we wanted to email individuals that signed up for the Project Updates list AND a specific industry type list, there is currently not a way to create a segment including both lists. Is that correct? 


dates would very powerful with the addition of " less than", "greater than", "less than or equal to"',  and "greater than or equal to" thus reducing the need to create sub lists externally for already existing data. simplest example be sorting date of birth for contacts older than 50, by using DOB less than or before 1/1/1070. Before and after are also used sometimes instead of less than and greater than. However should at some point you decide to add numeric values then the less/greater than parameter would already be available

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With an already existing segmented list, I would love to be able to go into that segmented list and then be able to search by "phone number"

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we continue looking into this! While we are still collecting feedback on additional criteria requests for creating segments, we did want to reach out and share the good news that "and" logic is available. If you have any additional questions on this in the meantime please don’t hesitate to respond to this post as we would be happy to assist you further.




you have "contains" but omitted "Does not Contain"? an equal or possibly more important choice for larger segments

Hi, Just looking at the available classifiaction of the subscribers (most engaged, etc), it seems valuable if you can add two additional options: 1) select the subscribes added/new in the last X days where X is defined by the user (or subscribers from the start of the month) 2) addresses that did not open any latter over X months; again X is defined by the user
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I began with CC in 2010. I have conatcts that need to be cleaned from 2010 - 2022 but the search criteria will only allow us to go back to 2017. I have tried to follow these directions but I will be stuck checking over a thousand individual emails addresses to prevent me from deleting newer conatcts.

CC - Please add more search criteria to the Segments page - like to include "if before" or "is after" to the date search parameters. Or "Did not open in 2 years" AND "Did Not Subscribe" "within the last" ... "3 months" or 1 year". This would help make list cleaning much more user friendly.

I've been using Constant Contact for several of our last email campaigns and have found it to be working well. However, a feature that I used quite often with  is segmentation by country, state, and gender with predicted demographics. Is this functionality available with Constant Constant?

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