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I would find it helpful to be able to upload images (i.e. logo) to a contact profile


Hi @SIR102 adding photos to a contact is a feature request our product team is still collecting feedback on. Because other features generate more requests than this particular one they are given a higher priority. But this doesn't mean we aren't listening to users like yourself! The more people who weigh in on this thread, the higher the priority can become.

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Yessss, this would be game-changing! 


This is awesome.  I asked about this 2 years ago.  Very helpful!!!

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Every week we send out 50+ individual campaigns and have to MANUALLY insert our client's logo.  Could you please make it possible to AUTOMATICALLY insert an image with the custom field (or any other auto technique) so that one campaign goes out, with each different client's own logo? See sample of CDLC logo attached.Example of personalized campaign with logo.jpg

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We need the ability to place an IMAGE in a custom field so that we could automatically merge a customerâ s logo into our emails.
Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

At this time, we do not have plans to include this feature in contact profiles. Should we hear any updates, we will share them here.


that's the only reason I am not going to use Constant Contact. Your name sure implies that you would have an image for your contact.

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