Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Constant Contact Partner
Please create a search function so I can search on emails by name or date.
Constant Contact Partner
Return the page search function. It is not practical to go back through a year's worth of emails, one page at a time. I want to jump ahead 20 pages.
Before, when I wanted to find a Sent eblast from a year ago... I could jump, like, 10 pages and be close. Now, the pages have been removed and you must continuously click on "View more campaigns" for what seems like forever to go back a significant amount of time. Optimally I'd like to have a Search bar that I could use to search through the different folders "Draft"... "Sent." This would be the best since we included a unique number or address when naming the eblast. Thank you for your time and continuous improvement in the software.
Your new update is useless. You need to put in a search query. We are an organization that literally has 100's of old campaigns. We can now NOT find since your update
So this update has caused me all sorts of headache. The emails do not sort properly by the most recently worked on and that means that all of the work I was doing is now buried and I am having to spend valuable time searching through all of them. The sort by alphabetical is also wacky and not alphabetical and cannot be sorted by letter of the alphabet. There is no way to search through emails. The view is clunky and inefficient with the "show more" box. In short. I think I need to find another email company that does not hamstring me right when I need to get some work done fast.
I really hate the fact that there is in no search button for old campaigns that were sent out.
Search box It would be very helpful if there was away to "Search" a word or phrase to pull up a past email that was sent out. Example "Christmas"
Campaign Contributor
Sir, you omit page navigation without any alternate. before that, when we need to find a old Campaigns. we get through their with page numbers. But now its take like forever to get through a three months old Campaigns to find. go down, go down...... now very very hard. Kindly put a search bar or a filter bar to find a old Campaigns via name, subject or date. Thanks
It would be really helpful if you could search for campaigns by certain criteria like title or date sent etc.
Marketing Legend

We've been aasking for this feature ever since they "upgraded" the system. They are not responding to our many, many, many requests for this feature.

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